Gardening with kids

Work on gardening with your kids, If you have a garden have them help you pick the plants, water the flowers, pick weeds. 

The benefits of sunscreen

Don’t skimp on sunscreen. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, most people apply only about half as much sunscreen as they should.

Go for a rainy day walk

Jump into puddles. Find out what mud feels like between bare toes. Let your toddler frolic around and get wet before you head indoors.

Summer reading activities

Check out summer programs at your local public library. Many feature special story times, sing-alongs, and puppet shows during the summer.

Sunscreen and the outdoors

Apply sunscreen about 30 minutes before going outdoors. This gives the skin a chance to absorb the lotion.

Rainy day activity tip

Raining outside? Pretend to go camping. Build a tent in your living room out of blankets and chairs.

Bubbles and toddlers

Toddlers just love bubbles. Give adults different bubble wands and wave. Toddlers will cramble after the bubbles.

Bubble activity

Hang a long length of craft paper on a fence or wall and mix a bit of food coloring into some bubble soap. Have the children make a picture by blowing bubbles onto the paper.

Craft Idea: Paint with apples

Cut apple in half from the top down. Dip in paint and stamp apple shapes. Cut apple in half the other way to create a different shape stamp with a star in the center.

Play and social situations

Group games offer a chance for kids to be social, though toddlers will more often play alongside their friends rather than with them.

Fun and fine motor control

Finger painting is just one of the ways your toddler begins to gain fine motor control.

Listen to music early and often

Think about music like a language: your kids learn their native language by being immersed in it.

Placemat art with rubber cement

Make a painted placemat by dribbling rubber cement on white construction paper. Allow to dry, paint over the rubber cement using tempera paint. Dry, then peel rubber cement off.

Structured and unstructured play time

Toddler needs structured and unstructured play time to develop normally. Choose activities that are loud and quiet, indoors and outdoors, and fine and gross motor skills.

Music with kids

Music is a wonderful medium for play. Even young children love to bounce, sway and wiggle to the music.

Learning to be squeaky clean

Buy alphabet letters for bathtub use and make a new word every time your child is in the bathtub. Your child will begin to make the connection between spoken and written language.

Wax paper art activity

Make wax paper art by mixing glue with tempera paint or food coloring to achieve a bright color. Then using a brush, paint glue onto two pieces of wax paper and stick colorful leaves onto the glue.

Hand print valentines craft

Make a hand print valentine by placing a red construction heart on top of a slightly larger pink construction paper heart. Dip tots hands into a plate of white paint.

Simple toddler activity

Looking for a simple activity? Cut out 6″ squares of tissue paper. Show child how to crumble these squares into balls. and toss into a laundry basket.

Mall play areas are great

If you live in or close to a city with a few malls, chances are that at least one will have a mall play area. This gives your toddler a chance to interact with children they do not know.