Toddler Milestones Calculator

This toddler, infant, baby Developmental Milestones Calculator lets parents enter the age in months of their child and see what developmental milestones they can look forward to in the near future.

Baby Growth Percentile Calculator

Create a growth chart to see how your child measures up against other children in height, weight, and head size. Growth Calculator


By 3 months your baby should begin to develop a social smile, smile at the sound of your voice, watch faces intently, coo, and make other noises.

Growth Chart Tools

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) offers growth charts tools for assessing the growth of children.
From: The Center for Disease Control (CDC)

Immunization Scheduler

Get the best protection for your child by making sure your child is immunized on schedule with this immunization scheduler from American Academy of Pediatrics.
From: American Academy of Pediatrics

Weight Calculation

BMI is a calculation that uses a child’s height and weight to estimate how much body fat he or she has. Use this handy BMI calculator and see for yourself.

Children’s Adult Height Prediction Calculator

Calculator calculates the height of a child when he will become an adult based on his & parent’s present data.

From: Fat Free Kitchen