A special Valentine’s dinner

Have a special celebration on Valentine’s Day by having banana splits for dinner! Make sure to have anything a person could desire for toppings and make the meal extra special for the kids.

Creating silhouettes for Valentines Day

Silhouettes are a very personal thing as no two are identical, so toddlers will love creating this unique card for their loved ones on Valentine’s Day.

Teaching colors and shaped for Valentine’s Day

Toddler activities for Valentine’s Day naturally lends itself to reinforcing the color red, understanding that there are different shades of red and teaching the heart shape.

Scrapbooking for Valentines

Valentine’s Day brings the traditional hearts and flowers. If you will be scrapbooking your Valentine’s Day, plan ahead, keep in the back of your mind all the scrapbooking possibilities that come with the gifts you receive.

Valentines treat

Toddlers love balloons and there is no exception to the big balloons that can be purchased nearly anywhere that are already pre-filled with helium. For under $5 you can pick up a Happy Valentine’s balloon that features the toddlers favorite

Using stickers for Valentines cards

Young children can create a variety of valentine crafts with red, white and pink materials within the short attention span toddlers have for making things.

Peel-and-stick foam stickers, red markers, valentine-themed paper and other decorative embellishments can be handled fairly well by little hands with adult assistance.

Random acts of kindness

Teach random acts of kindness, and encourage your kids to find three ways that they can be loving and caring.

Make plans to spend time together.

For Valentine’s Day, make plans to spend time alone with your toddler doing something he/she enjoys.

Choosing clothes for Valentines Day

For Valentines’ day, let your little one help you in picking out their clothes for today. See how many clothing items your child can find that are red or pink.

Read a Valentine’s Story.

Lots of libraries will be doing Valentine’s day specials for Valentines.

Focusing on frugal activities for Valentine’s Day

Teach your children to enjoy Valentine’s Day by focusing on frugal activities instead of getting caught up in consumerism, like baking instead of buying, and focusing on free entertainment can make the day fun and unique.

Making Valentine’s mailboxes

Instead of using the standard shoe box for your kids Valentine’s mailbox, decorate an empty cereal box instead. It fits better in their backpacks.

The Valentines kiss

Kids can participate in Valentines day with a simple ‘I Love You’ kiss. This can set an awesome mood for a Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s for babies

For babies valentines day, make Heart Shaped Pureed Teething Pops with heart shaped ice cube molds puree fruits like apples, pears, and peaches, in a blender.

Valentine’s breakfast treat

As a valentine’s breakfast treat, make your child’s breakfast pancakes or toast in heart shapes. Heart shaped cookie cutters are best for this.

Read a Valentine’s Story

Lots of libraries will be doing Valentine’s day specials for kids today, and if not, you can always find a cute Valentine’s kid book at your local book store.

Hand print valentines craft

Make a hand print valentine by placing a red construction heart on top of a slightly larger pink construction paper heart. Dip tots hands into a plate of white paint.

Valentine’s clothing tip

For Valentine’s Day, let your little one help you in picking out their clothes for today. See how many clothing items your child can find that are red or pink.

Valentine’s Day card tip

If your children will need Valentine’s Day cards for the entire class, pick them up at a dollar store.

Special cupcakes for Valentine’s Day

Decorate cupcakes for Valentine’s Day with creamy icing. White icing can be turned into pink with a bit of red food coloring. Kids will be amazed by this as the white icing changes colors.

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