Baby’s first Thanksgiving dinner

For baby’s First Turkey Dinner, run a little bit of turkey and sweet potatoes or squash through a food mill.

Mix the turkey blend with applesauce until the desired consistency is reached. If your baby is old enough, add a little cranberry sauce to the mix.


Photos on Thanksgiving

When taking photos of Thanksgiving, the key element is to capture in your Thanksgiving photograph is the spirit of the occasion, that of family and togetherness.

From NY Institute of Photography.

Bring the Spirit of Thanksgiving into Your Community

The story of Native Americans helping the Pilgrims survive in a new land is one that illustrates generosity and a sense of community.


Creating a Thanksgiving memory

Designate a particular tablecloth for your family Thanksgiving celebrations.

Provide fabric paints markers where guests can record their "gratitude" or special prayers for the year ahead.

Ask your guests to sign and date each message, as you’ll be using the same tablecloth year after year.


Stuffing the turkey with kids

If time allows, let the kids take turns stuffing the traditional bird.

It’s a messy job and most of the stuffing may end up on the floor, but the kids will remember it.

Remember, you are in control of the hand-washing before and after the stuffing begins and ends.


Photos and Thanksgiving

Encourage children to bring a change of clothes so they can "relax" after the obligatory Thanksgiving pictures.

Take the picture as soon as possible to avoid orange sweet potato stains on starchy white shirts.