Choosing a School

When choosing a school visit and observe.┬áMake sure you visit a real class – don’t just read about it.

Scheduled reading time

Set aside at least one regularly scheduled time each day for reading. Make it a part of your toddler’s routine.

Also take toddlers to the library or bookstore for story hour.


Homework helper?

Help your child manage his homework, don’t do it for him.


Encourage independence. Children who are able to care for themselves & belongings feel more confident at preschool.

Preschool Programs

Preschool programs that properly stimulate & nurture a young child’s mind will result in better-prepared children –

School bus safety

School-bus accidents actually are surprisingly rare. When they do happen, they’re often in the first two months of the school year, when kids are anxious or excited, and less likely to be cautious when getting on or off the bus.

Riding the bus is 12 times safer than walking, biking, or riding in a car to school.

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Reading and comprehending tip

Point to things in picture books and name them. As your children learn to talk, ask them to "point and say.


How to choose a school

When choosing a school explore all of your options, regardless of what you think your final decision will be. You may be surprised at what you learn.
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