Advocating for your child

Always be your child’s advocate, but never become the teacher’s adversary.

If you feel your child has been wronged, defend her. Call the teacher, have a conference, work things out the best you can, but don’t make the teacher the enemy.

When parents and teachers are openly hostile toward each other, the child almost always becomes the loser.

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Staying involved with schooling

Take time to meet each teacher and be sure they have your contact information and you have theirs if there are any concerns regarding your child.

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The ugly truth about greeting cards

Every year, there are 2.65 billion holiday cards sold in the U.S. That’s enough to fill a football stadium field 10 stories high! 

Look for cards that contain recycled content or are actually recycled materials.  You can make your own cards out of scrap paper found around the house. 

Or, you could use old cards as name tags for presents or for colorful artwork to decorate your house.  Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.