Pick the right costume

Halloween now days is more intense than it was in 1970. Costumes can be very scary for a little two year old. While many grand parents want to get creative with their grand children and make home made costumes including vampires, werewolves, and a bunch of fake blood, it is best to go with fun costumes

Halloween and Allergies

Remember that treat-size candy may have different ingredients or may be made on different machinery than the same regular-size candy.

Fire Safety

To avoid any contact with fire, don’t dress your little goblin in any costume with billowing material such as baggy sleeves or flowing skirts.

Fabric choices for costumes

When picking a costume choose fabric that is flame resistant. You can even buy pajamas that have a Halloween theme.

From families.com.

Trick or Treating Tip

Go to the bathroom BEFORE leaving the house to trick or treat. And, choosing a costume that is easy to use the bathroom in.
From: About.com: Child Care

Choosing a costume

When picking a halloween costume consider comfort. A toddler will become cranky if they are not comfortable while sporting their costume.

Be visible on Halloween

Make sure your little goblin is visible after dark. Fix reflective striping to costume, or carry a flashlight or illuminated light stick.

Book Suggestion: Jerry Seinfeld’s Halloween


Halloween, by Jerry Seinfeld is a great Halloween story. Buy it today, or borrow it from your local library.
From: Lil’ Fingers Storybooks and Games

Pumpkin Carving Tip

Instead of carving pumpkins, consider decorating with markers & paint. Also consider battery-powered lights for insides instead of candles

Eating before Treating

Feed your kids a healthy meal prior to trick or treat. Kids will be happier & reduce temptation to devour candy from the first stop.
From: About.com: Child Care

Watch for Cars on Halloween

Statistically, Halloween is the most dangerous day for kids. In fact, kids are 4X as likely to be hit by a car on Halloween other nights.
From: iVillage.com

Inspecting Halloween Candy

Talk with your children about eating candy before they get home.  You should inspect the candy before they eat it.
From: TheFamilyCorner.com

Eat before trick-or-treating

Feed your kids a hearty, early dinner so they’re not too tempted to sneak treats on the go. source

Test running the makeup

Practice toddlers costume & makeup a couple of days prior to Halloween, so little one will have time to adjust to the new look. source

Jack-o-lantern safety

Creating a jack-o-lantern? Steer her clear of ones with candles and use glow sticks. source

Applying makeup

When using makeup on a child avoid the eye area, nostrils, ears, and nothing should go inside the mouth source

Halloween safety tip

If your kids are old enough to trick-or-treat without an adult, tell your kids to stay in a group. – http://ow.ly/d3jdR

Flashlights at Halloween

Consider using a flashlight or glow stick instead of a candle to light your pumpkin. http://bit.ly/Pu8cl7

Know where to trick or treat

Have kids trick-or-treat in areas where there are a lot of people around & avoid taking short-cuts through alleys. http://bit.ly/NMYwEt

Manners at Halloween

When trick or treating have kids wait at end of the line before going to door if there are people there before you. http://bit.ly/PrvREW