Grape danger

Grapes are a choking hazard and should ALWAYS be halved before serving to anyone under 3 source

finger foods

From about 9 months of age you should encourage your baby to eat finger foods source

Food preferences

Food preferences are developed early in life, so offer variety. source

Eating together

Enjoy dinner around the table with the television off and all family members present. source


Burp, burp & keep burping your baby. Whether you breast or bottle-feed, a good pat on your baby’s back can work wonders. source

Eating out with a toddler

The best time to eat out at a restaurant with a toddler is early in the evening, rather than risk the heavy crowds. Source

Toddler shelf space

Give your toddler shelf space. Reserve a low shelf in the refrigerator for a variety of your toddler’s favorite foods Source

Choose a booth

Choose a booth when dining with a tot. It is much easier to contain a wiggly toddler inside a booth than it is at a table. Source

Toddlers are into toppings

Putting nutritious, familiar favorites on top of new and less-desirable foods is a way to broaden a finicky toddler’s menu Source

Planning your menu

When dining w/a toddler, research the menu to save time before ordering & help prepare child for the restaurant visit. Source

Eating is erratic

A toddler’s eating is erratic & unpredictable, but if viewed over days, will balance out in terms of average daily needs. Source

Asking the right questions

Offer limited choices. For example, ask, ‘Do you want orange or apple juice?’ instead of ‘What do you want to drink?’ Source

Trust his appetite

Trust child’s appetite if he is growing normally. Never force child to clean his plate. This can lead to unhealthy eating habits more info

Sitting still while eating

One reason why toddlers don’t like to sit still at the family table is that their feet dangle. Try sitting on a stool while eating. more info

Separate your food

Buy child-size plates with separate compartments. Some toddlers do not like when foods mix together. more info

Making smothies

Youngster would rather drink than eat? Make a smoothie. Mix milk, fruit & supplements like yogurt & peanut butter more info

Spreading foods

Toddlers like spreading. Show how to use a table knife to spread cheese, peanut butter onto crackers or toast.

Encourage food

Encourage your child to try ‘grown-up’ fare. Lids are willing to try a new food if they see mommy enjoying it

Feeding themselves

Most toddlers like to feed themselves, so give them lots of chances.

New foods

Toddlers will often want to try what their parents are eating and that is a good opportunity to get them to try some new foods