Cleaning toy boxes regularly

Cleaning toy boxes or containers on a monthly basis is advisable. It will get rid of all the scrap pieces like paper, broken crayons and other such pieces that are usually found in the bottom.

Getting organized

Create an easy-to-use and maintain bin system for toys. Take pic of each toy type and tape to the front of each corresponding bin.

How kids can get organized

Every night before a school day, have your kids put their backpack near the door you will use to exit the house in the morning.

How to organize your home

A good tip for organizing your home is to never stop finding new ways to keep clutter from over running you. Even if you just take ten minutes a day and throw out what you know you wont use it will make a difference.

Doing Chores

Let you kids help with chores around the house. It teaches them responsibility and gives you some hands on help.
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Battling Clutter

Need to battle the clutter? Take one area at a time.Sort through stuff, clean & dust as you go. Get rid of things that don’t fit who you are

How to be Clutter Free

Need to battle the clutter? Decide what areas won’t be clutter free.
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Toddler clean up tip

When children are taught from an early age to pick up their toys after playing, the process becomes routine. Not requiring immediate cleanup when kids are little leads to difficulty later on.

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