Welcome to Lil' Fingers.

The top question that gets asked to me by educators is "Can I use your materials in my classroom?" The answer is an overwhelming yes. Lil' Fingers is designed with the focus of providing a good, educational experience for young children.

Feel free to print out or view any pages you feel are appropriate for use in your classroom at no charge.

If possible, please leave (or write in) the following tag line which is on all of our coloring pages : Lil' Fingers Storybooks: This is a helpful reminder to teachers and parents where to find these materials in the future.

Please note that while these pages are free to use by educators online and offline the pages remain the copyright of Lil' Fingers Inc. and may not be sold or included in any package for sale without the express permission of Lil' Fingers Inc.

Also, check out or Thematic Units page for educators that takes some of our activities and organizes them for easier educational use.

Thank You,
David Lumerman,
President, Lil' Fingers, Inc.

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