Homework helper?

Help your child manage his homework, don’t do it for him.

Kindergarden Skills

Skills During Kindergarten: Curriculums may vary from school to school, general goals focus on building strong pre-reading skills. source

Getting ready for school

A few weeks before school begins, casually incorporate making the journey to school into conversation source

Work with teachers

Work closely with the teacher before the first school day. Help her understand your child’s interests and strengths source

Good-bye meltdowns

Prevent good-bye meltdowns. If your child is nervous about spending time apart, give him something tangible to remind him of you. source


Develop predictable routines. Kids cooperate in school because they know what’s expected of them. source

Expecting more

Expect more. Most tots have a way of living up (or down) to expectations source

Hamster dance

The pre-school class hamster is a great tool for kids to observe living things and learn what they need to grow Source

Counting & shape skills

Before it’s time to board the kindergarden bus, your child should know how to count to 20 and identify simple shapes. Source

Preschool milestones

By the end of preschool tots should be able to identify the starting sounds of words & be able to rhyme easily. Source

Meet the teachers

Tell teachers about your children’s interests and hobbies. Make a date to visit teachers’ classrooms; don’t wait for Back-to-School Night or parent-teacher conferences to open the lines of communication. Provide teachers with your phone numbers and e-mail addresses.

From: toddlertee.com

School bus safety

School-bus accidents actually are surprisingly rare. When they do happen, they’re often in the first two months of the school year, when kids are anxious or excited, and less likely to be cautious when getting on or off the bus.

Riding the bus is 12 times safer than walking, biking, or riding in a car to school.

From: Parenting

Getting ready for back to school.

In preparation for back to school, move bedtime and wake time up by 15 minutes starting two to three weeks before the first day of the new routine.

 Every few days, make them another 15 minutes earlier.

From: Parenting