Playdate toy tip

Before friends come over, toddlers should have a chance to put away their most special toys if they don’t want anyone else to play with them

Toddlers and play date

A play date once or twice a week means your toddler will have something to look forward to, but if you arrange play dates too often, then they may become too much like hard work. It’s hard for toddlers to learn to share and play harmoniously with their peers, and requiring them to be on their best behaviour every day isn’t really very fair.


When planning a play group it’s a good idea to have fewer children to keep keep things calmer.


When to share

When teaching your kids to share, set realistic expectations.

Keep in mind that children really don’t understand the concept of sharing until 2 1/2 or 3 years of age.

From: CBS

Playdate exit strategy

One-on-one playdates might be OK for a while, but in case conflict develops, be ready to provide distraction with an adult directed activity, like a book.

From: All Good

Age appropriate playgroup activities

Playgroup activities should be something that will involve all the children and should be kept age-appropriate.

Avoid play group meltdowns

Avoid play group meltdowns by keeping the visits short; no more than two hours at once.From:

Limiting play sessions

Most toddlers, particularly those under two, can’t manage lengthy play sessions. While your toddler’s still getting the hang of it, set a time limit of an hour or an hour and a half.

Keep playdates small

Keep it small. Three really is a crowd when it comes to preschool playdates source

Who to playdate with

Let tot take lead for playdates. Ask who to invite over. If no preference, go with who he seems to drawn to at daycare/preschool source

put away the good stuff

Put away her most precious possessions before a play date. This might make her feel more willing to share the toys that are left out source

Playdate activity

When the weather cooperates, even a walk around the block can turn into a great playdate activity source

Bickering tots

Even early friendships have ups & downs – Around the 18 month mark that toddlers begin to have altercations with their peers source


‘Share’ is a one-way concept to a toddler. As in ‘what’s mine is mine, and what’s his is mine too’. source

Getting to the playdate

When another family is hosting the play date, offer to drop off and pick up your child whenever possible. Source

cleaning up

When picking up tot you are responsible for your child. If there are toys to put away, insist that your child help pick up. Source

playdate snacks

When hosting playdates, plan to have a few simple snacks. Bring out a plate of snacks & let the kids know it is available. Source

Feed kids before playdates

Feed Your Child a Meal before a Playdate. Hungry children often become cranky children Source

playdate parents

Hosting a playdate? Your little visitor may dash in the door, but mom or dad will appreciate getting a lay of the land. Source

end of playdates

Children may argue for most of the playdate but if it ends while they’re having fun, that’s what they’ll remember. Source