Cruising is when your kid walks while holding on to a piece of furniture like the coffee table. Most kids cruise by age 12.7 months. source

Putting tots to work

At 27 months your child can now learn to brush her teeth, dress and undress, wash her hands, and even do simple household chores source

Talking milestone

For many toddlers, at 18 months is when language development takes off like a rocket. source

Language Milestone

When your baby points a chubby finger to show you something, she’s reached a language milestone without uttering a word. source

Clapping skills

The ability to bring his 2 hands together means that your 1 year-old is developing eye-hand coordination & fine-motor skills source

Word count

At age 2, most children know 20 to 200 words; by age 3, that number soars to about 1,000. source

Toddler dressing milestone

By around 20 months, most toddlers have learned to undress themselves. This is a key accomplishment. Source

Baby Vision

At birth, baby’s eyes are 75% of adult size but vision is a blurry 20/2400, he can only clearly discern objects 1ft away Source

becoming independence

Your child’s sense of independence blossoms sometime after her first birthday Source

By age 2

By 2 years, children have achieved about half of their adult height and 90% of adult head size. Source

24-36 months

24-36 mos. expect child to grow 2-3 inches the whole year. But you will see growing in other ways, especially language. Source

Milestones and regression

When toddler is mastering news milestones (like walking), it may be coupled by regression in another (like sleeping) Source

Stranger anxiety

If you thought stranger anxiety was reserved for babies, think again. Stranger anxiety often resurfaces between 12 & 24 mos. more info

Drawing skills

By 18 mos, many children are able to hold a marker & scribble. Some tots are able to make a few letters such as X or O more info

Progress and regression

When toddler is mastering a milestone in one area (like walking), it may be coupled by regression in another (like sleeping). more info

Hand preference

Kids start to show hand preference by 2. By 3, most are consistent in which hand they use to draw & wave.

Milestone Chart

Know what milestones to expect ages 2-5 with this child development chart.

Age and height

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends children age 1-3 get about 40 calories per inch of height a day.

Self Esteem

Involving toddlers in dressing is 1st step towards independence. Also helping self-esteem & promote problem solving. –

Toddler Growth

Growth slows down in a child’s second year. This means toddlers often have smaller appetites and need less food. From: Opens in new window