Wetting young ones hair

Many little ones are terrified of having their hair sprayed with water. So instead of a squirt bottle, ask the stylist to wet their hair using water in their hand.

Barrettes in hair

Forget about barrettes unless you have a really forgiving child. They are hard to get in and often hurt to get out. Try butterfly clips to keep hair back, and be prepared to lose approximately 15 per day.

Cutting a tot’s hair

Place a piece of scotch or other clear tape across the bangs with the bottom edge where the bottom of the bangs should be after cutting.

This has two advantages: Firstly, the tape shows how the hair will look before any cuts are made, and secondly, the tape will hold the hair still during the cutting process, thus helping create a straight line.

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Tangles in toddler hair

Tangles in toddler hair are enemy number one. The good news is it’s much easier to remove tangles when hair is dry, so de-knot with a brush or wide-toothed comb before you pop your little one in the tub for bath time.

Brushing hair

Brushing hair helps to bring oil up to the surface of the scalp and it can be a great way to help your child’s hair comfort if they have very dry hair.

Soaps and dry skin

Soaps, shampoos, and bubble baths can dry your child’s skin and may cause rashes, so use them sparingly. They may also be irritating to the urethra, which in turn might increase the risk of urinary tract infections.

Getting girls to wear things in their hair

If you want to put something in her hair, put it in yours first, she’ll howl for you to share and then proudly wear it the rest of the day.

Dealing with hard to brush hair

If your child’s hair is hard to brush, mix 1 part conditioner to 3 parts water. It makes it softer and more manageable.

Hair washing tip

Some babies like the visors that slip over their heads when being bathed to keep water out of their faces.

Different ways to wash your child’s hair

Experiment with different ways to wash your child’s hair. You can wet it by smoothing a wet washcloth down the back of her head if she’s on an anti-water campaign.

Brushing babies hair tip

Brushing a baby’s hair helps to bring oil up to the surface of the scalp and can help comfort dry hair.

Hair control for kids

Protect against frizz and static cling. If your toddler has curly hair, there’s a good chance that it may become wild or unruly in rainy or humid weather.

Combing baby’s hair

As soon as you’re done washing & conditioning baby’s hair, comb to get little knots out before they become big knots. Source

Toddler hair and tangles

Combs work well on toddler hair. Brushes can snag the hair easily and result in pain. If you prefer a brush, stick with a paddle brush or choose a boar bristle style.

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