Learning to behave with others

How you treat your child is how she will learn to treat herself. If you’re harsh with her, she’ll be harsh with herself.

Choosing clothes for Valentines Day

For Valentines’ day, let your little one help you in picking out their clothes for today. See how many clothing items your child can find that are red or pink.

Make plans to spend time together.

For Valentine’s Day, make plans to spend time alone with your toddler doing something he/she enjoys.

Read a Valentine’s Story.

Lots of libraries will be doing Valentine’s day specials for Valentines.

New additions

Young kids likely won’t understand yet what it means to have a new sibling. Look at picture books about babies and families.

Catch your child being good

Instead of always pointing out everything your child does wrong, give them attention for the things that they do right

Communicating you care

Simply rubbing a child’s back, smiling and winking, or tucking a child into bed communicates, ‘I care about you.’