Let your toddler try to do it themselves.

Rein in your own impatience. That doesn’t mean abandoning him to it. Stand by, smiling, ready to be helpful in whatever way actually helps your toddler.

When in doubt, empathize

Your empathy and acceptance helps your child accept her emotions.

Positive Discipline

Positive Discipline starts by having a good relationship with your child.

Get to the Core of Your Toddler’s Anger

If your toddler bites in anger, ask yourself what might be causing this change of mood in your toddler. Have there been any changes in your toddler’s life lately? Is your toddler reacting in anger?

If your toddler hasn’t been socialized with his children his age, this could be another cause of anger.

Discipline and toddlers

Kids raised with authoritarian discipline have tendencies toward anger and depression.

Toddler discipline

When it comes to toddler discipline, you’ve got to learn to pick your battles. Source

Showing attention

Give child attention & praise when she shows positive behavior and limit attention for defiant behavior like tantrums. more info

Time out

Sometimes kids need time to calm down and collect themselves.’Time Out’ must be viewed as teaching the child, not punishing more info

Be consistant

How you discipline your kids is less important than being consistant with whatever method you pick. more info

Stucture and routine

Children thrive on structure, routine, & ritual. When their world has a consistent rhythm, they feel secure in the predictability.