Avoid play group meltdowns

Avoid play group meltdowns by keeping the visits short; no more than two hours at once.From: ToddlersToday.com

Keep trips short and sweet

Staying inside all day is a bad, bad idea with this age group and will make time slow until it more or less screeches to a halt.

Rainy day activity

The local library can be a great place on rainy days, some even have special play areas for kids.

Toddler Games

Toddlers are easily entertained, so it is easy to make a game out of practically anything. In fact, sometimes the best games that you can play with your child require no equipment at all. Simple songs and finger plays like “Where is Thumbkin” will delight most toddlers.From: How to Do things.com

Rainy day activity

Zoos can be fun on rainy days. Most zoos have enough indoor exhibits to have a great day seeing and learning about animals while staying dry.

Planned outings and attention spans

Too many parents plan outings without regard for the constrained attention span of a toddler. A trip that lasts under an hour, including travel time, works best.

Making Easter eggs tip

When making Easter eggs, rubber bands around the eggs make nice stripes. On plain eggs for a white & colored egg; or dye once, rubber band, and then dye again for the stripes.

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Paint a bunny face

Children love to have their faces painted. Here’s an easy way to turn your little one into Peter Cottontail’s helper:

Draw an upside-down triangle on the child’s nose with the brush from brown or black liquid eyeliner. Fill in completely. Rub a circle of rouge on each cheek. Paint three whiskers with the eyeliner on each side of the face, starting from the nose and extending across the cheek.

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Leaf craft tip

Make leaf prints by putting a leaf under a sheet of paper and rub a crayon lightly over the surface of the paper to reveal the shapes.

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toddlers and painting

A toddler finds it easier to paint on an easel rather than a flat surface.

If you can’t afford to buy an easel, make one by cutting out one side of a cardboard box and tape the other three sides together. Set it on the tabletop and set your toddler free.

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kid cleanup tip

Daycares use plastic smocks to cover kids when they’re doing arts and crafts.

Invest in one of your own so you don’t have to scrub paint out of your child’s favorite overalls.

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toddler sized supplies

Cut down the frustration level of your toddler by seeking out toddler-sized supplies, such as thicker markers, crayons, paintbrushes and pencils. They will be easier to hold and use than the skinny ones meant for older children.

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Rainy day activities

Toddlers as young as 15 months bring home craft projects from daycare.

If you’re looking for something to do on a rainy afternoon, don’t rule out coloring, gluing, and finger painting just because your little one is still in diapers.

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Tip for playing in the snow

Does your son love to build? Use sand toys out in the snow for some toddler forts and castles.

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Going outdoors in the winter

Toddlers need to run and play a lot, and often outside is the only place with enough room. As long as your child – and you – are dressed appropriately, there’s no reason not to continue your outdoor adventures just because the mercury has dropped.

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Encouraging arts and crafts

Encouraging your child to engage in arts and crafts will provide them with the opportunity to learn colors, shapes, different textures, as well as work on their small muscle coordination and their hand-eye coordination skills.

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Hand print valentines craft

Make a hand print valentine by placing a red construction heart on top of a slightly larger pink construction paper heart.

Have your child dip their hands into a plate of white paint and put prints on the pink heart.

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Color of the day

When you go on outings, have every family member wear T-shirts and ball caps of the same color. source

Rainbow activity

Toddlers love colors. Draw a rainbow on a large piece of paper then ask toddler to find items for each color on the rainbow source

Climbing opportunities

Provide safe opportunities for climbing. Toss sofa cushions on a carpeted floor, or let him loose at a toddler-friendly playground source