Weird toddler behavior

Weird toddler behavior such as nose picking, knuckle cracking, and belly-button fiddling are actually quite common. Source

Keep them active

Don’t let toddler spend too much time in strollers, car seats, & high chairs. These keep kids from being active. Source


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Make a crayon tree

Make a crayon tree. Take paper towel roll & scissors to poke holes for a crayons. Then let tot put crayons in holes. –

Make sidewalk paint

Make sidewalk paint! Take equal portions of water and corn starch. Mix well and add a drop of food coloring. –

Visiting a children’s museum

A children’s museum is a great rainy day retreat. These types of museums often has great activities for little kids including water experiments and dinosaur bone digs.

They might even learn something!

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Walk around your neighborhood

There’s many interesting things to do while walking around the neighborhood. You can count the animals and birds you see, count certain colored cars or house, or any number of fun games.

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Walk to the Park

Walk to the Park. The walk alone is enough to keep them busy. When you there, of course they’ll even have more to do. It’s a great time for you to relax a bit and enjoy the day, keeping an eye on them while they bounce from one activity to the other.

From: The Frivolity of Wannabe

Reading while children play

Some children like to play with toys or roam around the room while being read to. If your child does this, it doesn’t necessarily mean that she’s not listening. If she’s being fairly quiet, she probably is.

From: Toddler Learning

Celebrating the little things

Celebrate the little things in life. Bake a cake or order pizza when a child receives an award.


Toddler Activity Tip

Toddlers enjoy having their hands traced on paper. Let you toddler color and decorate hands after you traced them.

From: LifeTips

Rain day activity

Raining out? Many popular and upscale malls these days have installed toddler play areas full of soft-padded objects great for climbing.
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Activity: Make pudding art

Take vanilla pudding, separate it into a few different cups, add different food coloring to each cup. Then give tot a cookie sheet at the table with the cups of pudding in front of them for finger painting.

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Beach at home activity

Make a Beach at home activity: Fill a wide, rectangular container with sand or rice. Give your toddler little cups spoons, cars, and trucks to play with.

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Marble painting Activity

Place a piece of paper in the bottom of a box. Put 2 marbles in a container of paint. Have your toddler scoop the marbles out of the paint and drop them into the box. When your toddler moves the box around, the marbles paint a very artistic painting!

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When kids play with electronics

60% of little people aged six months to two years (as well as 1 in 10 babies under 6 months) were found to play with devices around the home like laptops, computers, phones and tablets.

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Chalenge your child

Build on your child’s strength by encouraging him or her to play with a challenging toy.

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Sock puppet activity

Make sock puppets. No need to make this an elaborate craft project. Simply put a sock over your hand and pretend to talk to your toddler. Encourage your toddler to talk back!

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Interest in playing

Shortly after your child’s first birthday cake, he will most likely show an interest for ball play. Initially, he will throw the ball around, waiting for someone else to pick it up and give it to them or picking it up on their own.

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Gardening with toddlers

Gardening can be real fun with toddlers and preschoolers. It allows them to get messy, play with mud and water and finally, see something they’ve planted blossom and grow.

Start easy. Check with the local nursery for plants that are easy to grow and maintain.

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