Tip for playing in the snow

Does your son love to build? Use sand toys out in the snow for some toddler forts and castles.

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Going outdoors in the winter

Toddlers need to run and play a lot, and often outside is the only place with enough room. As long as your child – and you – are dressed appropriately, there’s no reason not to continue your outdoor adventures just because the mercury has dropped.

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Encouraging arts and crafts

Encouraging your child to engage in arts and crafts will provide them with the opportunity to learn colors, shapes, different textures, as well as work on their small muscle coordination and their hand-eye coordination skills.

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Hand print valentines craft

Make a hand print valentine by placing a red construction heart on top of a slightly larger pink construction paper heart.

Have your child dip their hands into a plate of white paint and put prints on the pink heart.

From: wholesometoddlerfood.com.

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Color of the day

When you go on outings, have every family member wear T-shirts and ball caps of the same color. source

Rainbow activity

Toddlers love colors. Draw a rainbow on a large piece of paper then ask toddler to find items for each color on the rainbow source

Climbing opportunities

Provide safe opportunities for climbing. Toss sofa cushions on a carpeted floor, or let him loose at a toddler-friendly playground source

Play and language

Play boosts language development. Whether your toddler is talking to a friend, her doll, or even herself source

Plan outings

Plan outings together as a family –preferably with built-in one-to-one time such as picnics, boat rides and walks source

Discoveries during play

Kids make countless discoveries about the world around them through playful explorations. source

Activity: Indoor Basketball

Indoor basketball boosts eye/hand coordination. Get a bucket & some balls of newspaper and try and get the ‘balls’ in the bin source

Sun’s rays

Practicing sun safety means doing your best to stay out of the sun from 10A-4P. That’s when the sun’s rays are strongest Source

Measure up

teach your child to measure. A ruler is the most common measuring tool to make the learning process interesting. Source

Sun screen

Block the sun’s damaging rays with a sunscreen that has an SPF of at least 15 or 30 and offers full-spectrum protection Source

Scavenger hunt

Children are natural investigators & they love to explore. Scavenger hunts can be created or invented on the spot Source


Make going out fun, have every family member wear T-shirts and ball caps of the same color. Source

Weird toddler behavior

Weird toddler behavior such as nose picking, knuckle cracking, and belly-button fiddling are actually quite common. Source

Keep them active

Don’t let toddler spend too much time in strollers, car seats, & high chairs. These keep kids from being active. Source


Be amazed by how much your baby’s smarts, coordination & confidence develops each passing month. Let the games begin! more info

Make a crayon tree

Make a crayon tree. Take paper towel roll & scissors to poke holes for a crayons. Then let tot put crayons in holes. – http://bit.ly/P3vnm3