Activity: Golf tees

Activity: Hammer golf tees into Styrofoam for some great hand-eye coordination.

Activity: Sorting

Toddlers love to sort things, grouping items by size or color. Try sorting some veggies? They may even wind up in her mouth!

Activity: Does it Float?

Activity: Play a game of, ‘Does it Float?’ Show your child an item and ask him to predict whether it will sink or float.

Activity: Explore at night

Activity: Collect things on an evening walk around the neighborhood. Observe how things look different outside at night.

Activity: Mixed up clothing

Activity:Put on different articles of clothing incorrectly, like a sock on your hand. Ask child to show you where it really goes.

Activity: Shoe and Sock Games

Activity: Arrange shoes around house in different ways. Line them up by size, or separate them into color categories.

Check outdoor playground equipment.

Check outdoor playground equipment. Make sure there are no loose parts or sharp edges.
From: CDC: Child Development

Start laughing and be silly.

It’s okay to be silly with your child. Just because you are the adult doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun too! After you start the sillies, you won’t have to think of what to do next, the fun will follow.

Easter candy tip

Instead of filling Easter baskets with chocolate or marshmallow candy fill them with fruits and cookies. You can bake natural cookies at home that taste yummy.

The origines easter bunny.

The Easter bunny is an American tradition which originated with German settlers. The arrival of the Easter bunny and his colored eggs was a treat second only to Christmas.

Paint a bunny face

Children love to have their faces painted. Here’s an easy way to turn your little one into Peter Cottontail’s helper: Draw an upside-down triangle on the child’s nose with the brush from brown or black liquid eyeliner. Fill in completely. Rub a circle of rouge on each cheek. Paint three whiskers with the eyeliner on each side of the face, starting from the nose and extending across the cheek.

Make paper plate bunnies.

Simply take one white paper plate and cut 2 ear shapes from it and staple or glue them to the top of another white paper plate and draw a face on it. Glue cotton balls around the edge of the plate.

Do cultural things.

Each month visit an art gallery, museum, or educational exhibit.

Cold weather tip.

Keep your child well protected from the cold, and stay outside for short periods of time.

Easter tip

Nothing says Easter and spring like a basket brimming with colorful eggs, chocolate bunnies and jewel-toned jelly beans.

With just a little advance preparation you can tuck those goodies into a nest of real grass.
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Spreading out your activities

Spread your activities and events over several days and weeks. Toddlers learn best in small amounts and through repetition.

Outdoor fun tip.

Make sure your child’s gloves and shoes stay dry. If either becomes wet, change into a dry pair.

Play in the snow.

Play in the snow if your toddler likes it. Make snowballs and see how far you can throw them. Make a snowman and dress him. Make snow angels.

Experiencing Winter

Look for ice outside. Touch the ice and feel how it is cold. Hold some in your hand so your toddler can see it melt. Talk about how the cold turns water into ice.