Thanksgiving prep activity

While turkey is in oven, encourage kids to keep track by comparing time passed on oven timer to that on a clock; to reinforce time-telling

Photos and Thanksgiving

Encourage kids to bring a change of clothes so they can ‘relax’ after Thanksgiving pictures. Take pics ASAP to avoid stains on white shirts

Stuffing the turkey with kids

Let the kids take turns stuffing the traditional bird. It’s messy & most of the stuffing may end up on the floor, but the kids will remember

Creating a Thanksgiving memory

Designate a tablecloth for family Thanksgiving celebrations. Use fabric paints where guests can record their ‘gratitude’ for the year ahead

Book Friday: The Incredible Book-Eating Boy

The Incredible Book-Eating Boy, Henry loves books. In fact, he literally devours them. And the more he eats, the smarter he gets. When he starts eating too many too fast, he can no longer digest them, and their contents get all mixed up.

Photos on Thanksgiving

When taking photos of Thanksgiving, the key element is to capture the spirit of the occasion, that of family and togetherness

Baby’s first Thanksgiving dinner

For baby’s First Turkey Dinner, run a bit of turkey & sweet potatoes through a food mill. Blend with applesauce for the desired consistency

Snacks and mealtimes

To make sure your toddler is hungry at meal time, don’t let him have too much to drink or have a snack too close to meal time.

Acknowledging feelings

Underneath anger is always hurt or fear.Acknowledging feelings is more effective to diffuse anger than labeling it, which just reinforces it

Car seats and air travel

For air travel, consider buying or borrowing the car seat that converts into a stroller and fits down the plane aisles.

Properly inflated tires save money at the pump

Tires have a bigger impact on the environment than you might think. Under inflated tires waste up to 5% of a car’s fuel

Book Friday: Mary and the Mouse, The Mouse and Mary

Mary and the Mouse, The Mouse and Mary is the story, about the lifelong friendship between a little girl and a little mouse, is totally cute, but it’s the incredible artwork from Barbara McClintock that makes this one a must-read.

Choices for mealtime

Children love choices so put out some vegetables, bite-size fruits, cut-up meat, some chickpeas & a bit of pasta with sauce for dinner

Pillow safety

A toddler pillow is one that’s the right size for child of 2yrs+. Prior to age 2, any pillow is considered dangerous & is not recommended

First foods

Pediatricians often suggest introducing toddler to veggies first. Steamed green beans, & diced carrots are fun to eat & nutritious

Portion control tip

Offer smaller portions to start & let child ask for more. This lets them feel he has more control rather than you trying to force feed.

Teeth brushing tip

Ask tot to sing a song as they brush or set a musical timer for 2 min to get in the habit of brushing for recommended length of time

The benefits of pausing while reading

Pause while reading to show pictures. Share reactions to the story through your voice or gestures & encourage child to react too.

Book Friday: Peek-A Who?

Peek-A Who? is a fun board book. Nina Laden’s illustrations in this simple, rhyming board book are truly magical.

Encourage reading

Encourage reading by keeping books visible and at the child’s level.