Have a primary health provider

Make sure your child has a primary health provider. A familiar pediatrician or family practitioner, will know your child before your child has an illness, injury, or developmental delay that requires medical attention.

Book Friday: Every Friday

Every Friday is a fun and heartwarming celebration of precisely that brand of togetherness, where a father and son’s weekly ritual of walking to the local diner for breakfast unfolds in bright, bold swaths of color.

Install toilet seat locks

Install toilet seat locks; turn over all buckets and store them up high, where they cannot collect standing water or be reached by children.

Flight plans with toddlers

From the time you wake up on the day of the flight you should plan your time to assure smooth traveling with your toddler. Traveling with an over-tired, frustrated, or hungry toddler is asking for a disaster.

Relieving pain for teething

If your baby is cutting molars, the best thing you can do to help relieve the pain is to give her something to chew on. Offer your child a teething ring, zwieback, or a frozen banana to chew.

Explore with crayons

Toddlers love to explore and learn new things. You can read books to the child, color with crayons, do simple puzzles or play with learning toys.

Chemical safety tip

Chemical safety tip: purchase cleaners, household chemicals & other potentially hazardous products with child resistant packaging.

New toddler use for post it notes

Use post it notes to play with your toddler. Write letters, numbers and draw pictures on them to stick to the wall. They are economical, safe and fun!

Book Suggestion: Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes

Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes is a board book for babies or toddlers and their parents, featuring a well-known nursery rhyme and interactive text. Make the movements with the popular rhyme!

From: Lil’ Fingers Storybooks and Games

Allergy Season

If your toddler is allergic to pollens, she will be more likely to have an allergic reaction during the spring, summer, and fall, but not as much in the winter

Giving a child a haircut

When giving a child a haircut, speed is of the essence. You have a very short time before the screaming will begin!

Toddler airport safety tip.

Carry a current photo of each child you are traveling with. If separated you can immediately hand the photo to airport security (or theme park or mall) and they will photocopy it and circulate it very quickly.

Tantrums, red alert?

Tantrums usually aren’t cause for concern and generally diminish on their own. As kids mature developmentally and their grasp of themselves and the world increases, their frustration levels decrease. Less frustration and more control mean fewer tantrums – and happier parents.


Write reminders

Leaving yourself notes that say, “Don’t argue” or “Look for cooperation” or “Don’t give in to whining” may seem simplistic, but it can really help.

Put them where you’ll see them during your day.

Bribery and children

There is a reason that little kids get lollypops after a trip to the beauty salon. It’s bribery. The good kind of bribery that gets little boys and girls to behave and do as they are supposed to.


Book Suggestion: To Market, to Market

In this clever riff on the old nursery rhyme, To Market, To Market is a plump matron makes a series of increasingly calamitous purchases of animals at the supermarket.

This is one market trip children will wish to take again and again

From: Lil’ Fingers Storybooks and Games


When allergies hit

Dust mite and pet allergies tend to be worse in the morning than at other times of day.


The truth about food allergies

There is no cure for food allergies. They may go away by themselves, but in the meantime the only way to overcome them is to avoid the food altogether.


Time to leave the crib

Once your child is able to climb out of his crib (and you have already lowered the mattress and removed the bumper pads), it is time to move him into a toddler bed.


Supervision in the tub

Never, ever leave your toddler unsupervised in the even for a minute. Children can drown in less than an inch of water.¬†Gather all of the supplies (soap, towel, etc.) you’ll need ahead of time.