Mixing play time with shopping

Stick an ice chest in the car trunk so you can head to the grocery store and not worry about frozen food melting. A toddler slows down everything, and an ice chest lets us not worry about rushing.

Dollar store outside activity tip

Looking for an outside activity the kids will enjoy? Visit a dollar store and provide her a dollar or two and let her go throughout the whole buying procedure herself (with your help).

Learn child first aid and CPR

Learn child first aid and CPR. Be prepared. Know how to call for help, including poison control. The national toll-free line for poison control is 1-800-222-1222.

Keep an eye on your child to avoid tantrums

Maintain eye contact. By looking into your child’s face every now and then, you help them avoid the hysteria that is sure to ensue when they realize you really are temporarily more concerned with which cereal to buy than your little sunshine. 

Camping with toddlers tip

When camping with toddlers: Get a portable crib for sleeping and napping at the campsite.

Practice kid safety in the kitchen

Toddlers gravitate to the kitchen. Practice kid safety in the kitchen by cooking on the back burners and turn pot handles away so they aren’t in reach.

Book Suggestion: Llama Llama Red Pajama

Llama Llama Red Pajama with its sweet rendering of the trials of bedtime and separation anxiety, this book’s familiar theme will be a hit with youngsters.

From: Lil’ Fingers Storybooks and Games


Be open minded when toilet training

When toilet training your toddler be patient and open minded. Accept that toilet training a toddler may take a long time and there may be many setbacks along the way. Be patient during setbacks could booster your child’s confidence.

Catch your child being good!

Often times we can get in a rut as parents of criticizing and disciplining.Catch your child doing something good and compliment them 3 times for every 1 time you have to discipline them.

Protect toys (and kids)

Secure (with strong tape) the battery compartment of not only every single remote control in the home, but desk clocks, toys, battery-operated toothbrushes, monitors and anything else that requires batteries.

When babies start to talk

Most little ones start babbling ‘mama’ and &’dada’ by 1 year of age. By 15 months, your toddler probably knows several words and loves using them.

Collage activity tip

Old magazines are a wonderful source for collage and activity pictures. Nature and home-living magazines are the best for this.

Baby Growth Percentile Calculator

Create a growth chart to see how your child measures up against other children in height, weight, and head size. Growth Calculator

Book Suggestion: A Bad Case of Tattle Tongue

A Bad Case of Tattle Tongue is a story to help kids learn the difference between tattling and telling.

From: Lil’ Fingers Storybooks and Games


Coloring on paper towels

Let kids them color paper towels with a marker. Paper towels have different, fun prints, and markers give a soft, watercolor look on the paper towels. They will get a kick making it look like a quilt.

Book Suggestion: Happy Birthday to You!

The Great Birthday Bird guides us on a birthday trip. The multicolored excursion is a festive one is this Seuss classic Happy Birthday to You!

From: Lil’ Fingers Storybooks and Games


Book Suggestion: I’m a Big Brother

I’m a Big Brother is a simple, first-person text tells what babies like, why they cry, what they’re too little to do yet, which the big brother or sister can do now.

From: Lil’ Fingers Storybooks and Games


Local outside activity

Looking for an outside activity the kids will enjoy? The local pet store has hamsters, dogs, fish… Take your time and stroll approximately let your tot decide what he wants to gaze at.

Best travel time with toddler

Travel in the morning. Toddlers get grumpier as the day wears on. Pediatric dentists schedule morning appointments for the same reason.

Protect your child’s eyes

No toddler likes to get anything in their eyes. Consider putting a visor on her forehead or rinsing her hair while she’s leaning back to avoid getting water in her face.