Teaching for ADHD

When teaching ADHD/ADD Children, allow them to respond orally unless the exersise is a writing exercise.

Moving to a toddler bed

Once your child is able to climb out of his crib, it is time to move him into a toddler bed.

Discreet Breastfeeding Tip

Being modest doesn’t have to keep you and your baby at home (or hidden in the restrooms). It’s easy to breastfeed discreetly in public if you wear the right clothes. A loose-fitting shirt or top that lifts or can be unbuttoned from the waist will let you feed your baby without exposing your breast.
From: La Leche League

Safety Tip

Encourage your toddler not to put pencils or crayons in his mouth when coloring or drawing.

Building self esteem

Build self esteem, compliment your child’s character. Tell them you think he or she is a great kid.

Hungry Toddlers

If your child is well-rested but is beginning to act up more than usual, make sure it hasn’t been too long since his or her last meal or snack. Your toddler may be hungry without realizing it, and if this is the case, a healthy snack may be all that is needed.

Keeping your cool

To feel strong and calm you may need to work at managing your own stress levels. Make sure you give yourself time to take a break and relax sometimes: taking a nice pampering bath or sitting down with a cup of tea to watch your favorite TV show will give you a chance to recharge batteries.

Washing Hands

To teach kids how to wash their hands more thoroughly, encourage them to count to 10 once they have 2 squirts of liquid soap on their hands.

Toddler Play

Toddlers participate in ‘parallel play’, meaning they may begin to play around other children, but not necessarly with other children.

Getting out Grass Stains

To get out grass stains, try rubbing with a solution of one part rubbing alcohol to two parts water on colorfast material.

Building Thanksgiving Confidence

Ask your child to help you set the Thanksgiving table, showing you value his help. This will help to build his confidence and self-esteem.

Thanksgiving Craft

A popular craft that offers Thanksgiving fun for toddlers is the stenciled hand turkey! Simply trace his or hand on a piece of white or colored paper, and allow your child to color it. You can make a mobile, with dangling turkeys that each have an “I’m thankful for…” message.
From: Babyminestore.com

Cooking with your Toddler

When preparing for Thanksgiving allow your child to help measure, mash, bake and cook some of the dinner dishes with you. This will help your child develop math and manipulating skills, as well as the knowledge of temperatures.

Talk about Thanksgiving with your child.

Talk about Thanksgiving and how people have been celebrating harvest time with a big feast for a long time. Talk about what you will do for Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Craft

Make a thankful chain. Cut out strips in Fall colors and keep them out during the month and guide your kids to think of things they are thankful for (i.e. grandparents, food, sister, etc.) By Thanksgiving, you can have a large chain to reflect on. You can also have your guests help you do this on Thanksgiving.

Being Secure

During times of change and stress children need extra attention, love and security.

Photo Tip

Place a blanket in the snuggly seat or bassinet that is color coordinated with what the baby is wearing. Fill the frame so there’s nothing else in the background. The entire image should be just the baby and the item in which he’s placed.

Night Nursing

By 12 months, many pediatricians recommend no more night nursings, because you risk cavities.


Reward cooperative and non-aggressive behavior with a hug.

Breastfeeding Fact

Breastfeeding saves over $1000 a year.