Spark creativity when reading

Use stories as an opportunity to engage in conversation and to talk about familiar activities and objects.

Pick your priorities.

If you try to tackle every discipline challenge at once, you’ll be too overwhelmed. Choose 1-2 to focus on with diligence & attention

Re-using wrapping paper

Try using colorful pages torn from magazines to wrap small gifts, and old maps for larger boxes.

How language and thought are learned

Language & speech are primarily learned through imitation & observation. During infancy, babies listen & they pay close attention

Book Friday: My Big Animal Book

In My Big Animal Book enjoy looking at the bright and colorful photographs of all the animals.

From: Lil’ Fingers Storybooks and Games

The power of hugs

Generous hugs go miles to make a child feel better. If your tot gets scared, comfort him. Mom & Dad have the power to make everything right

Alternative to liquid medicines

If your toddler won’t take liquid medicine, try chewable pills or easy-to-swallow capsules, if available.

Plan frequent stops

If your journey is longer than 3 hours, plan to stop every 2hrs- even if it’s only for a 10-min potty break.

Experience Autumn with your Child

Talk about the trees & the different colors they are turning. Collect leaves and tell your child in simple terms why they are falling off

Keep kids out of the kitchen

Lock the kitchen door, or use a safety gate to prevent children going into the kitchen especially when no one is around.

Keep reading short, simple, and often

Keep reading short, simple, & often. Toddlers frequently have shorter attention spans than babies. Read a little bit, several times a day

Book Friday: Freckleface Strawberry

Freckleface Strawberry is a wonderful children’s book from Actress Julianne Moore.

Shapes and colors on Thanksgiving

Talk about the colors on the Thanksgiving table: Orange sweet potatoes, green peas and red cranberry sauce.

Viewing area for Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

One of the favorite viewing areas for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is along Central Park West, between 66th and 77th Streets.

Thanksgiving prep activity

While turkey is in oven, encourage kids to keep track by comparing time passed on oven timer to that on a clock; to reinforce time-telling

Photos and Thanksgiving

Encourage kids to bring a change of clothes so they can ‘relax’ after Thanksgiving pictures. Take pics ASAP to avoid stains on white shirts

Stuffing the turkey with kids

Let the kids take turns stuffing the traditional bird. It’s messy & most of the stuffing may end up on the floor, but the kids will remember

Creating a Thanksgiving memory

Designate a tablecloth for family Thanksgiving celebrations. Use fabric paints where guests can record their ‘gratitude’ for the year ahead

Book Friday: The Incredible Book-Eating Boy

The Incredible Book-Eating Boy, Henry loves books. In fact, he literally devours them. And the more he eats, the smarter he gets. When he starts eating too many too fast, he can no longer digest them, and their contents get all mixed up.

Photos on Thanksgiving

When taking photos of Thanksgiving, the key element is to capture the spirit of the occasion, that of family and togetherness