Book Suggestion: Harold and the Purple Crayon

For generations, children have cherished this ingenious and original little picture story – Harold and the Purple Crayon

From: Lil’ Fingers Storybooks and Games


Toddlers are unpredictable

Toddlers tend to be unpredictable eaters. Growth spurts, painful teething, and toddler toilet training all contribute to their unpredictable food intake.

Bird feeder activity

Make a fun and easy bird feeder by stringing Cheerios on a piece of yarn and hanging it outside.

Book Friday: Pete’s a Pizza

In Pete’s a Pizza, Pete is in an especially bad mood because it is raining and he can’t play ball with his friends, his father decides that it might cheer his son up "to be made into a pizza."

A fun read!

From: Lil’ Fingers Storybooks and Games

If your child is a bully

If your child is being a bully at school, you have a responsibility to teach him or her that the bad behavior that will not be tolerated.

Language and Babies

By the time babies reach their first birthday they will have learned all the sounds needed to speak their native language.

The origins easter bunny.

The Easter bunny is an American tradition which originated with German settlers. The arrival of the Easter bunny and his colored eggs was a treat second only to Christmas.

Book Suggestion: Peek-a-Who?

Peek-A Who? has exuberant illustrations in this guessing-game board book will enchant infants and toddlers. A bright left-hand page with the words "Peek a" faces a right-hand page with die-cut windows through which a visual clue can be seen.

From: Lil’ Fingers Storybooks and Games


Easter tip

Nothing says Easter and spring like a basket brimming with colorful eggs, chocolate bunnies and jewel-toned jelly beans.

Paint a bunny face

Children love to have their faces painted. Draw upside-down triangle on the nose with brown/black eyeliner & fill in. Rub circle of rouge on each cheek. Paint 3 whiskers on each side of face, starting from nose to cheek.

Make paper plate bunnies.

Easy Paper Bunnies: Take white paper plate and cut 2 ear shapes & staple/glue to the top of another white paper plate & draw a face on it. Glue cotton balls around the edges.

Easter egg coloring tip

To make eggs with several different colors, have kids draw on their egg with a clear wax candle clear. Each time they use the crayon, they protect that color from dye.

Make your own Easter Basket

Here is a cute Easter Bunny basket your child can help make. Great centerpiece or classroom activity. See the directions.

When to start on solid foods

The recommended age to start solid foods is 4 to 6 mos. Your baby’s motor skills and stage of development will also help determine when he or she is ready.

Book Suggestion: I Knew You Could

In I Knew You Could!, the same little blue engine "that could" is back, with a new author and illustrator. This time it is encouraging readers to choose the track that best suits their interests and talents and forge ahead on life’s journey.

From: Lil’ Fingers Storybooks and Games


Getting on all fours for baby

Play crawling ‘tag’. It can be great fun for babies who are learning to locomotive.

Forcing children to eat food they don’t like

Do not force your child to eat a particular food item. Allow your child to choose the food that he wants because this may reduce frustration, in encourage independent thinking.

Clean up games

Although bribery is never a good option, turning cleanup into a game is a great option to try.

Climbing up and down stairs

Babies learn to climb up steps long before they’re able to descend. You can try to teach your young one how to crawl down safely (feet first, on her tummy), but she’ll still require supervision.

Read every day

Try to set aside time to read every day – perhaps before nap time and bedtime.