Place childproof covers on door knobs to make sure that your toddler can’t get out of the house or into rooms that aren’t childproofed.

Book Suggestion: Caps for Sale

Caps for Sale: A Tale of a Peddler, Some Monkeys and Their Monkey Business is an absurd and very simple story has become a classic, selling hundreds of thousands of copies since its first publication in 1940.

Easy toddler snacks

Easy snacks for toddlers include yogurt, oatmeal, String cheese, raisins and cut up pieces of fruit.

Furniture safety tip

Use wall anchors to keep large appliances and furniture from tipping over if your child climbs on them.

Giving your child a haircut

Always trim bangs first because that’s the most important part. That way, if baby has a total meltdown at least the front will look neat.

baby food after opening

Opened baby food containers should be covered and stored in a refrigerator for not more than two days.

Calories and toddlers

The average toddler needs about 1300 calories a day. Rule of thumb is toddler will need 40 calories each day for each inch of his height.

Is your child being bullied?

Tell your child not to feel responsible for a bullies behavior & it isn’t their fault. There is no excuse for harmful treatment.

Book Friday: Too Big for Diapers

In Too Big for Diapers is a fun Sesame Street board book with potty training in mind.

Ask for help when picking up toys.

Ask for help when picking up toys. You may think your tot is too young to help, but kids do it every day at daycare.

Holiday tree safety tip

Prevent tree accidents, screw a hook into a wall stud and secure the hook with fishing line or sturdy string to your Christmas tree

Making a reindeer snack

Make a snack for reindeer. Take 1 cup of oatmeal, 1 tbsp brown sugar & 1 tbs cinnamon, add colored sugar just before spreading on front lawn

Holiday decoration tip

Lollipops can line the edge of your sidewalk! Place 8 inch white Styrofoam circles onto 36in wooden slats. Cover lollipops w/red cellophane

Camping out for Christmas

Children love to ‘camp out’ so consider sleeping in sleeping bags in front of the Christmas tree one night.

Paper Christmas tree

Let the kids make their own Christmas tree. Find some wall space, get a nice sized roll of paper and paint, color or draw a tree.

Book Friday: Fancy Nancy and the Posh Puppy

Fancy Nancy and the Posh Puppy: When her family decides to get a dog, she’s certain she can be fancier than ever. After all, a papillon—a small, delicate, fluffy dog—is the ultimate accessory. But her family wants a large, plain dog. How unglamorous!

Presents that will help with development

Develop small motor skills with toys like stacking toys, wooden puzzles, shape sorters & pop up toys that little fingers can manipulate

Holiday ornament tip

Put aside fragile ornaments from exploring tots. The bottom half of the tree should be decorated in paper, plastic, cloth or yarn ornaments

Toddler gift tip

Looking for a good gift for your toddler? Develop their musical skills with instruments like maracas, drums and xylophones

Milk and tooth decay

Avoid giving bottle with milk or fruit juice to the baby lying in bed. This can develop nursing bottle mouth that may result in tooth decay.