Mixing new foods with old favorites

Keep the old, while bringing in the new: It is best to introduce a new food when served with a food he already likes.

Potty training and following direction

Potty training is a process with many steps – recognizing the urge, locating potty, pulling down pants, wiping…– it’s essential that your child will be able to remember.

Poison control

Know to call 1-800-222-1222 if someone takes poison. This number will connect you to emergency help in your area. Keep the number by every phone.

Choosing activities

Choosing age appropriate activities is much easier when the child who is coming over for a play date is around the same age of your child.

Toddler breastfeeding and formula

If toddler is still breastfeeding then try to continue this as long as you both wish, as there are so many health benefits for both of you.

Reading and positive association

Have positive associations with reading. If feeling tense or your child is resisting, set book aside & returning to it later.

Why? Why? Why? Why?

A child’s never-ending “WHY” aren’t meant to exasperate parents. Kiddy queries are genuine attempts at getting at the truth.

Colorful party theme idea

Need a simple party idea? Have your guest dress in all red or all yellow etc. –  Color rainbows – Have a rainbow cake – Children can decorate your walkway using sidewalk chalk.

Children and food

Don’t overreact, scold, bribe, beg, or reward with a treat to get your toddler to eat. Over-controlling turns down the volume of the natural internal cues for hunger and fullness.

Change of clothes when traveling with toddlers

When traveling carry a change of clothes for your child ALWAYS and it is advisable to carry a change of top / t-shirt for yourself too. You NEVER know when you will need it.

When to know when tots are ready for toilet training

Signs child may be ready for potty training include having a bowel movement at about the same time every day, & understanding potty terms (wet, dry, pee, poop, dirty).

Fixing dangers around the house

As tots start to crawl & walk it also can put them in danger. Look at each room from their eye level to find dangers.

Outgrowing allergies

The majority of kids with milk, egg & wheat allergies outgrow them 5. About 20% of kids with peanut allergies, outgrow that too.

Keeping temper tantrums under control

Temper tantrums are usually dramatic, intense and full of emotion. With a little practice and persistence, parents can learn how to stop the drama of a temper tantrum and change the situation to a calm, quiet discussion.

Taking toddlers to the park

There are few activities for toddlers more fun than going to the park. Toddlers have an innate need to run and climb.

Brush teeth twice a day

Brush your child’s teeth twice a day until your child has the skill to handle the toothbrush alone (usually around 6-8 years old).

Getting shots with your tot

Do not forewarn your child of shots. This will only cause unnecessary anxiety.

When to first go to the dentist

The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends you bring your child in within six months of the appearance of his first tooth.

Caution during potty training

It only takes one painful BM to cause your child to be frightened of using the potty, so at all costs, make sure his/her diet has sufficient fresh fruits, vegetables and juice.

Make a back-to-school calendar

Make a back-to-school calendar. Simply write the countdown on a piece of paper, which the kids can decorate. Cross out the dates or use stickers.