Digital photo archive activity

Going on a trip? Fill up the iPhone or iPod with family photos and videos. Toddlers love going through the family digital photo archive.

Planning a play date

When planning a playdate, don’t invite everyone you know. It’s not a carnival. It’s a date. So pick one friend your kid really likes… or one mom you really like.

Signs of teething

Watch for telltale signs of teething such as bright red cheeks, low fever, unusual irritability, and changes in nursing, feeding or sleeping patterns.

Toddler field trips

Take your toddler for a field trip to identify things around him. Try to recognize tracks in the snow, collect pine cones, look for the little animals.

Choosing foods

If you’re unsure whether your preschooler is going to eat the meal you took time to prepare, choose foods that are easily saved until the next meal or snack time.

Reading problems and school

74% of the children who are diagnosed with reading problems in the 3rd grade, continue with problems into the 9th grade.

Constructing toys

Construct all disassembled toys the night before. Kids don’t want to open up a box.

Visiting with the tots during the holidays

When you’re visiting friends and family during the holidays, try to minimize any disruption to your toddler’s schedule as much as possible

Christmas tree safety tip

Use LED lights that burn cool so your child does not get burnt if they should grab a Christmas light inadvertently.

Age appropriate toys

Make sure the toys you give are appropriate for the child’s age, as babies & toddlers can choke on small parts or swallow components.

Fire rating your tree

Check that artificial trees is fire-rated or your real tree is fresh (easily bendable branches, no dropping needles) to reduce fire danger.

Set up a DIY ‘Photo Booth

While you probably can’t afford to hire a photo booth for your party you can set up a ‘portrait zone’ of your own where you’ll take photos of your guest.

Recycle your crayons!

Take broken or worn-down crayons and some muffin tins in a 170-degree oven.

Parenting styles

While you can find a great deal of information about parenting we are all quite different people and need to develop our own child parenting styles based upon our own life experience, relationships and skills.

Add a little structure

While it’s great to let kids play on their own terms, it can be helpful to provide an activity later in the playdate.

When baby is cutting molars

If your baby is cutting molars, the best thing you can do to help relieve the pain is to give her something to chew on. Offer your child a teething ring, a bagel, zwieback, a frozen banana, or something else that she likes to chew.

Freezing bubbles activity

When it’s chilly outside, blow bubbles outside and watch them freeze. Pop, them look at them and talk about them.

A healthy good-bye routine

It’s normal for toddlers to become anxious or afraid when their primary caregivers leave. The key: a healthy good-bye routine. "Always leave your child with a trusted and familiar caregiver, and have the same brief good-bye routine each time you go.

Snow fun

Fall down on the snow, spread your hands beside you and move them up and down on your side. Carefully rise and you will find a great imprint of you which look like an angel.

Dipping tip for meals

Most toddlers won’t give up the chance to dip any object in something wet or gloopy. Cottage cheese, peanut butter or even pureed fruits can offer a way to get carrot or celery batons into the most obstinate youngster.