When to visit a dentist

The American Academy of Pediatrics and most pediatric dentists say it’s a good idea to bring your child to a dentist around the time he turns 1.

From: BabyCenter.com

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  • Here are what you, as parents, can do to help make this first visit a great one:

    * Talk to them about coming to our “fun” office.
    * Build excitement about coming.
    * Teach them about how important it is to come to the “tooth counter” (dentist).
    * Have them go with you and watch you while you have your appointment.
    * Be patient with them and calm them if they are frightened and reassure them.
    * If your child is young, you can sit in the dental chair and hold your child in your lap.
    * Read them a story about a trip to the dentist, Arthur and Berenstain Bears books have very good stories.
    * Play dentist with your child by taking turns looking into each other’s mouths with flashlights.

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