Bubbles in the tub

Try to make bath time really fun to distract her. Bring lots of colorful toys to the tub or sink, or try blowing bubbles.

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Fun in the bath

At bath time, a pair of goggles in the bath can be their first introduction to swimming with their face in the water. They are great for practicing bubble blowing.

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Bathing baby

When bathing, use a mild soap on her hands and diaper area.

You can just use water on the rest of her body most days, unless she’s really dirty. Working from the top down, focus on the cleanest areas first, and move toward the grimiest (or poopiest).

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Being afraid of the bath

Some toddlers become afraid of the bath. If this happens, take your toddler’s fears seriously, as they are very real to her. To help overcome a fear of the bath you can try: taking a bath with your toddler, or letting her sit in the bath without water in it.

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Bath ring help

For kids who can sit up, a bath ring suction-cupped to the bottom of the tub may provide you with an extra "hand." But don’t let it give you a false sense of security -  it’s no substitute for keeping your eye on your baby at all times.

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Soaking your tots

When bathing a tot, remember tots don’t need to soak like we do, so there’s no need to submerge them. But if your child seems cold, you can pour warm cups of water over her, slowly, to keep her from getting a chill.

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Bathing dangers

The first and most important rule is this: Never, ever leave your baby unsupervised, even for a minute. Children can drown in less than an inch of water.

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