When kids interests in books begins

Between 4 and 6 months, your baby may begin to show more interest in books.

He or she will grab and hold books, but will mouth, chew, and drop them as well. Choose sturdy vinyl or cloth books with bright colors and repetitive or rhyming text.

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Join the PTA

Join the PTA or other parent groups.

As a group, participate in school events and see how you can help the school reach its goals.

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The unknown of a new school

Faced with the unknown, an inventive kid’s imagination goes into overdrive. So explore the new school as much as you can:

Show him where he’ll enter, and check out the playground.

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Daycare fees

While daycare center rates are important, check for hidden fees which will add up during the year. Being late to pick up your toddler will incur some hefty overage charges!
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