Activity: Golf tees

Activity: Hammer golf tees into Styrofoam for some great hand-eye coordination.

Activity: Sorting

Toddlers love to sort things, grouping items by size or color. Try sorting some veggies? They may even wind up in her mouth!

Activity: Does it Float?

Activity: Play a game of, ‘Does it Float?’ Show your child an item and ask him to predict whether it will sink or float.

Activity: Explore at night

Activity: Collect things on an evening walk around the neighborhood. Observe how things look different outside at night.

Activity: Mixed up clothing

Activity:Put on different articles of clothing incorrectly, like a sock on your hand. Ask child to show you where it really goes.

Activity: Shoe and Sock Games

Activity: Arrange shoes around house in different ways. Line them up by size, or separate them into color categories.