Safety tip for traveling with toddlers

When traveling during the hoidays consider “labeling” your toddler with an ID bracelet. Some airlines advise this just in case your child gets lost in airport crowds. Include your child’s name, your name, your destination and your home address and phone number.


Travel tip

When traveling, pack a cooler that sits in the backseat with you, but out of reach of your toddler.

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Car seats and air travel

For air travel, consider buying or borrowing the car seat that converts into a stroller and fits down the plane aisles.

It is easier to get around the airport without carrying the kid; with no need to wake a sleeper when you land. They are FAA approved and actually fits in the airplane seat.


Plan frequent stops

If your journey is longer than 3 hours, plan to stop every two hours… even if it’s only for a 10-minute potty break.

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Traveling with youngsters in diapers

When traveling by plane, bring a lot more diapers /pull ups/ snacks than you think you’ll ever need.

Pack 3x as much as expected. The extras don’t take up too much space and you would be disgusted at the limited food options available either on a plane or at an airport.


Toddler airport safety tip.

Carry a current photo of each child you are traveling with.

If your child does get separated from you, you can immediately hand the photo to security at the airport (or theme park or mall) and they will photocopy it and circulate it very quickly.
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Toys for the car only.

Pick out a few interesting toys and books just for the car: I found that I could defuse the tantrum that inevitably occurred when my toddler realized that he was about to be strapped into a car seat by strategically offering him a toy or book he didn’t get to see all that often.

Scavenger Hunt for Road Trips

Give each child a list of items to watch for while driving. The list can be made up ahead of time and adjusted for the scenery. Here’s a sample list of items to hunt for!

Keep trips short and sweet

Staying inside all day is a bad, bad idea with this age group and will make time slow until it more or less screeches to a halt. On the other hand, too many parents plan outings without regard for the constrained attention span of a toddler.

Airplane seats for toddlers

Buying that extra seat for your child under 2 is a choice that you must carefully consider.

If you choose to book a second seat many airlines are now offering children’s fares, which offer a 50% discount on seats for children under 2.
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Carry on baggage for toddlers

Baby formula and breast milk are allowed in carry-on baggage, but must also be declared. Passengers can take these items through the security check-points and aboard the plane as long as they are traveling with a baby or toddler. All items will be inspected.
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Toddler seats and airplanes

Toddlers should always fly in their own seat equipped with a travel seat. Some airlines allow children under two to fly for free on the lap of an adult, but this is not the safest option and escalates the challenge of flying with a toddler.
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Traveling with a toddler tip

When traveling on an airplane many parents find that bulkhead seating at the front of each section provides more comfort while traveling with a toddler. These seats have no seating in front of them and allow for more leg room, ability to change the baby, and room to stand or play for the toddler.

Passengers may request a bassinet for their child which is attached to the wall while in-flight. Bulkhead seating and bassinets must be requested ahead of time.
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Traveling with a toddler

If you have a long wait between flights, check the airport website to see if there is a play area at the airport. You’d be surprised how many have a place for kids to get their ya-yas out.
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