Avoiding sharing issues with todders

If you know that it is going to be an issue to share a special toy then try to leave it at home. Don’t expect other kids not to want to play with it and don’t expect your child to want to share it.

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Protect toys (and kids)

Secure (with strong tape) the battery compartment of not only every single remote control in the home, but desk clocks, toys, battery-operated toothbrushes, monitors and anything else that requires batteries.

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Don’t force toddlers to share

Don’t force toddlers to share; it actually delays the development of sharing skills.

Kids need to feel secure in their ownership before they can share. Instead, introduce the concept of taking turns.

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Toddler gift tip

Looking for a good gift for your toddler?

Develop their musical skills with instruments like maracas, drums, xylophones and toddler tape players with big fat buttons for them to push.

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Presents that will help with development

Develop their small motor skills with toys like stacking toys, wooden puzzles with knobs, shape sorters and pop up toys with dials and knobs that their fingers can manipulate.

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