Building Thanksgiving Confidence

Ask your child to help you set the Thanksgiving table, showing you value his help. This will help to build his confidence and self-esteem.

Thanksgiving Craft

A popular craft that offers Thanksgiving fun for toddlers is the stenciled hand turkey! Simply trace his or hand on a piece of white or colored paper, and allow your child to color it. You can make a mobile, with dangling turkeys that each have an “I’m thankful for…” message.

Cooking with your Toddler

When preparing for Thanksgiving allow your child to help measure, mash, bake and cook some of the dinner dishes with you. This will help your child develop math and manipulating skills, as well as the knowledge of temperatures.

Talk about Thanksgiving with your child.

Talk about Thanksgiving and how people have been celebrating harvest time with a big feast for a long time. Talk about what you will do for Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Craft

Make a thankful chain. Cut out strips in Fall colors and keep them out during the month and guide your kids to think of things they are thankful for (i.e. grandparents, food, sister, etc.) By Thanksgiving, you can have a large chain to reflect on. You can also have your guests help you do this on Thanksgiving.

Feeing tot

On Thanksgiving, don’t make tot wait until everyone sits down. If child is hungry, give them a snack. A hungry child equals a cranky child. source

Thanksgiving food

If your child doesn’t typically eat turkey & cranberry sauce, they aren’t going to start on Thanksgiving Make other food choices available. source

Feed the kids first

Feed the kids first! The last thing you want is to have to get up constantly while you are eating to supervise their dinner.

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Buiding nap time into your schedule

For the Thanksgiving holiday, build in extra time for naps. Given the excitement of seeing cousins, grandparents, and uncles and aunts, most kids will take longer than usual to calm down.

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Give kids a job for Thanksgiving

Make the kids feel special and ask for their help setting the dinner table for Thanksgiving. This will give them a role to play in the festivities and keep them occupied a while as they strive for perfection.

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Keeping the tots busy

When preparing for Thanksgiving, let the kids choose a few of their favorite movies to watch while everyone is busy. Be sure to have some snacks readily available, or wait until after a meal is served, so they do not run in and out of the kitchen claiming hunger pangs.

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Green decorating

Decorate with boughs and berries. There’s no need to buy fancy Thanksgiving decorations.

Head out to your yard with a pair of shears and find tree branches, bush stems loaded with berries, flowers whose seed heads have dried on the stem, and flowering grasses to fill tall vases, hollowed out pumpkins, and autumnal baskets.

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Start the Thanksgiving day right

On Thanksgiving eve have your kids write out thank you notes to each of their siblings the night before and leave them at each person’s table-setting for breakfast.

Include your own thank you notes to each child.

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Give thanks

It’s easy to get caught up in the little annoyances and stresses of the holidays, especially when traveling with kids.

Don’t forget to stop, relax and remember that you have a lot to be thankful for. On the road, in the airport, or on the plane, have each family member make a list of things they are thankful for this year and suddenly it will put your whole trip into a much different perspective.

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Keeping kids busy for Thanksgiving

While preparing the Thanksgiving meal, let the kids choose a few of their favorite movies to watch while everyone is busy. Be sure to have some snacks readily available

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Baby’s First Turkey Dinner

Run a little bit of turkey and sweet potatoes or squash through a food mill. Mix the turkey blend with applesauce until the desired consistency is reached. If your baby is old enough, add a little cranberry sauce to the mix.

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Get involved in setting up for the holiday

Encourage everyone to get involved in setting up the holiday spread and take pride in creating a beautiful display. Ask kids to contribute to Thanksgiving table decor.

Place folded napkins on the table and accent them with flowers or natural elements such as little pinecones, acorns or autumn leaves.

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Rice Crispy Treat Turkey

Get ready for the Thanksgiving season and make a Turkey-Shaped Rice Crispy Treat.

With this turkey, the meat is always white, the skin is always crispy, and the inside is never dry. Also, your kids can do all the work.

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Shapes and colors on Thanksgiving

Talk about the various colors on the Thanksgiving table: Orange sweet potatoes, green peas and red cranberry sauce, for instance. Also discuss shapes and sizes: Are the dinner rolls round or square?

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Viewing area for Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

One of the favorite viewing areas for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is along Central Park West, between 66th and 77th Streets.

Since Central Park is right there, once the parade has passed, you and your family can enjoy an Autumn stroll and there is a fun playground right across the park entrance from Tavern on the Green.

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