Bundling up in winter

While you bundle up, do not assume that the hood would suffice as the head covering. 40 percent of the body heat is lost from the top of a person’s head, a loose hood will not keep all the heat in.

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Going outdoors in the winter

Toddlers need to run and play a lot, and often outside is the only place with enough room. As long as your child Рand you Рare dressed appropriately, there’s no reason not to continue your outdoor adventures just because the mercury has dropped.

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Dressing for the winter tip.

The infants will be able to feel the change in the climate in a more profound manner than the adults. Dress them in many layers so you can adjust with the temperature.

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Did you know that oral thermometers are usually not used until your child is four to five years old? Try an ear or armpit thermometer instead. The armpit models are easer to use for squirmy upset babies.
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