Set up a DIY ‘Photo Booth

While you probably can’t afford to hire a photo booth for your party you can set up a ‘portrait zone’ of your own where you’ll take photos of your guest.

Photographing Christmas lights

Photographing Christmas lights is something that can be tricky to do. Try taking photos earlier in the evening just before dusk.

Photos on Thanksgiving

When taking photos of Thanksgiving, the key element is to capture the spirit of the occasion, that of family and togetherness

Photo Tip

Place a blanket in the snuggly seat or bassinet that is color coordinated with what the baby is wearing. Fill the frame so there’s nothing else in the background. The entire image should be just the baby and the item in which he’s placed.

Photography Tip

Photograph babies when they are the most alert. Just after nap time works well. Be patient and wait for the moment when their eyes go wide.