Children can’t flourish when their parents are repeatedly burning the midnight oil, and on the brink of parenting burnout. source

Being there

Being an involved parent takes time and is hard work, and it often means rethinking and rearranging your priorities. source

Giving little Bobby directions

Always call your child by name rather than simply giving instructions. It is far more effective for a toddler. source


A toddler who was overly protected grows up believing that the world is unsafe and thus becomes shy. source

Don’t spoil them

A spoiled child never develops the life skills he needs to survive and thus becomes overly dependent on others. source

Avoid burnout

A rested parent with private adult time functions so much more efficiently than a parent who is always burned-out. source


A close relationship w/ mommy in early adolescence was associated with better-quality romantic relationships as young adults source

Be their coach

See yourself as child’s coach, provide them w/experiences to learn from & allow to experience consequences of actions. Source

Kid Charts

Charts are a helpful way to motivate young kids They see progress & participate in the daily steps toward the reward. Source

Time Outs

Choose punishments toddler will understand. Time outs are great because they quickly learn they can’t do what they want Source

Spending individual times

Spend time with each of your kids. Make each child feel special by finding different ways to connect with them. Source

Children’s Behavior

Praise is a valuable shaper of children’s Behavior; children want to please you and keep your approval. Source

Behavior tip

Experiencing the consequences of their choices is one of the most effective ways children can learn self-discipline. Source


If you’re at the end of rope with ‘no’ responses, take heart, they’ll eventually outgrow it. Source


One recent study found that grandparents in this country spend a staggering $50 billion annually on their grandkids. Source

Triumph and Failure

Just as you encourage him to triumph, let him learn to fail, too, and then be there for him with hugs and encouragement. Source

Eat as a family

Eat as a family as often as possible. Kids learn by imitating what they see. Source

Model good behavior

Anytime that you need your child to let go of something or put it down, encourage them to hand it to you Source

Take care of yourself

Take care of yourself. If you are tired, ill or just worn out, you cannot be an effective parent. more info

Making mistakes

Apologize when you make a mistake. Kids already know we make mistakes, so we might as well admit them when we do. more info