Exploring writing

Allow older toddlers to begin exploring writing instruments (pens, markers and crayons).

Provide them with other toys and activities (e.g., pouring water) that develop the hand-eye coordination and fine motor skill necessary for writing.

From: Zero to three.org

Building heathy muscles

Toddlers, who have just learned to walk, need to build their muscles. Playing outdoors is a great way for your child to stay active and develop their large muscles.

From: childcareaware.com

Develop balance and strength

A great way to teach your toddler to walk is to tiptoe. Tiptoe teaches your toddler to actually use his/ her own body weight to develop strength and balance.

Before allowing the child to tiptoe, make sure you do it while the child is watching. Then have the child follow you as you tiptoe forward, backward, sideward and in circles.

From: iloveindia.com

Developing coordination

Within four to six months your baby begins to develop the coordination to move solid food from the front of the mouth to the back for swallowing.

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Interest in playing

Shortly after your child’s first birthday cake, he will most likely show an interest for ball play. Initially, he will throw the ball around, waiting for someone else to pick it up and give it to them or picking it up on their own.

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Let them do it

Resist doing for her what she can do herself. While it may be quicker and easier to do it yourself, it won’t help to make your child more self-sufficient.

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Toddlers dressing themselves

Involving toddlers in the dressing process is the first step towards independence. This also helps self-esteem and promotes problem solving.

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Learning to ride a bike

Do not push your child to ride a 2-wheeled bike until he or she is ready, at about age 5 or 6. Consider the child’s coordination and desire to learn to ride.

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