Monkey see…

Preschoolers are heavily influenced by what they see. It’s important to actively supervise what your child is exposed to on television and in the real world.

When tots socialize

Around the time he turns 2, your toddler will start to actively reach out to other children. But as with any other skill, he learns how to socialize with others by trial and error.

anxiety in kids

Although quite common, Anxiety Disorders in children often are overlooked or misjudged, despite them being very treatable conditions with good, persistent medical care.

Fluids and sick toddler

There are a number of ways that you can replace fluids in your sick toddler. Water, juice, popsicles, broth and jell-O are all good choices.

Cold and sickness tip

If your toddler is sick with cold, try applying a balm or petroleum jelly around the nostrils to provide relief and reduce irritation.

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Personality traits

As your child grows, he or she will display certain personality traits. Some of these are learned, others genetic. Respect your child’s developing individuality.

Decorating a child’s bedroom

When decorating a toddler’s bedroom choose a theme but keep it simple, usually choosing something from one of their favorite storybooks is a great idea.

Use a simple reward system

Use a simple reward system. A colorful sticker after every successful brushing session is a great incentive.


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Morning start up tip

Mornings can be tough with kids. Try taking 5-10 min with your 2-year-old when he first wakes up to snuggle and talk quietly about the day

Art Supply Tip

Establish a place for art supplies early on, that is both easily accessible and neat.

starting in a new school

If you have moved or your child is moving up to a new school, call and find out when you can come in and tour the school. Everyone will breathe easier if they know where they are going the first day.

Inflatables at the beach

At the beach, if your child is using inflatables, make sure they are being supervised. The inflatable should also be secured to the shoreline, ideally held by an adult. Remember, an inflatable can be easily blown away from the shore even with a slight breeze.

Being outside helps children grow

Being outside helps children grow and develop – physically, socially, and emotionally.

It may also help them avoid childhood obesity, and give them the chance to burn some of that extra energy from being indoors and inactive.


Shy Kids

Being shy can also be a normal personality variation. It is best to not push your child. Instead let him slowly adjust to new people and new situations.
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How to choose a school

When choosing a school explore all of your options, regardless of what you think your final decision will be. You may be surprised at what you learn.
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