Easter candy tip

Instead of filling Easter baskets with chocolate or marshmallow candy fill them with fruits and cookies. You can bake natural cookies at home that taste yummy.

Making Easter eggs tip

When making Easter eggs, rubber bands around the eggs make nice stripes. On plain eggs for a white & colored egg; or dye once, rubber band, and then dye again for the stripes.

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Paint a bunny face

Children love to have their faces painted. Here’s an easy way to turn your little one into Peter Cottontail’s helper:

Draw an upside-down triangle on the child’s nose with the brush from brown or black liquid eyeliner. Fill in completely. Rub a circle of rouge on each cheek. Paint three whiskers with the eyeliner on each side of the face, starting from the nose and extending across the cheek.

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Keep your toddler from getting sick from Easter

Do not to let your child overdo it on the chocolate front. A little goes a long way so try to limit your child’s intake, especially if he or she is very young.

You can buy relatively small eggs from most shops; as tempting as it may be to buy your child a giant chocolate bunny, bear in mind that the last thing that you want over Easter is a sick toddler or baby.

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Candy-free Easter baskets

Easter baskets don’t have to be full of chocolate and peeps. Add bubbles sidewalk chalk and playdoh.

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Making multicolor Easter eggs

For multicolored Easter eggs, buy both white and brown eggs for dyeing — you’ll have bright colors and natural looking colors with no extra work.

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Post-Easter bargains

The day after Easter is a good day to buy discounted Easter chocolate and candy for future baking projects. Just store the candy in the freezer if you don’t plan on using it in the near future.

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Easter basket treat

What child doesn’t love to blow bubbles? Grab a couple of bottles of bubbles for this year’s Easter basket

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