Until your toddler gets the hang of toilet paper try flushable wet wipes. source

Nite time potty

If your four or five year old still wets the bed, a night light or potty in his room can make it easier for him to get up to go during the night. source

A potty of their own

When potty training, start with buying a potty that tot can call his own. This will make it easier & less daunting than using a full-sized toilet source

Training pants

Cloth training pants help toilet training. The cotton fabric helps teach toddlers how to recognize wetness at the first signs & avoid accidents source

When to train

Pediatrics recommends that you start toilet training between 22-30 months of age, and that you start intensive training after 27 months source

Encourage the potty

Encourage potty breaks often. When kids are learning it is easy for them to forget and accidents start to mount up. source

Magic age for potty

Ignore all the age related guides and focus on your child. There is no magic age to potty train. source

Leading a horse..

Toilet-training is a partnership, w/roles assigned to each person. You can lead a baby to the potty but can’t make him go Source

Cherioes Potty tip

Potty Training? Put 5 Cheerios in the potty & tell him to aim at them when he peed. Give a prize if he hits the bullseye Source

How to look at toilet training

Approach toilet-training as an exciting interaction rather than a dreaded task Source

Potty control order

The usual sequence of potty control: 1) night bowel ctrl 2) day bowel ctrl; 3) day bladder ctrl 4) night bladder ctrl Source

M&M potty tip

Promise that each time your kid goes potty, she gets 2-3, but if she wipes herself then she gets four or five. Source

Potty consistancy

Training you child takes patience & perseverance. Staying on task & being consistent send an important message to child. Source

Starting to train

Starting to train? Get your child ready – explain to your child that it’s time to do pee-pee” and “poo-poo” in the potty. Source

Prepare for the potty

If your toddler is out of diapers, find the location of the restrooms the moment you walk through the door. Source