Teaching kids to pick up after themselves

Picking up their toys is a great chore for young children. They can learn to perform this task as soon as they can walk. Teaching to clean after themselves is crucial to future success.

Clean up games

Although bribery is never a good option, turning cleanup into a game is a great option to try.

How to organize your home

A good tip for organizing your home is to never stop finding new ways to keep clutter from over running you. Even if you just take ten minutes a day and throw out what you know you wont use it will make a difference.

Getting milk out of clothes

To get milk out of clothes, sprinkle on unflavored meat tenderizer, which breaks down the proteins, and rinse in cold water. Presoak in enzyme product for 30 minutes if stain is new, several hours if stain is old.

Getting gum out of clothes

To get gum out of clothes, put clothing in the freezer or freeze the spot with an ice cube. Then scrape off the gum once it’s hard.

Toddler clean up tip

When children are taught from an early age to pick up their toys after playing, the process becomes routine. Not requiring immediate cleanup when kids are little leads to difficulty later on.

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kid cleanup tip

Daycares use plastic smocks to cover kids when they’re doing arts and crafts.

Invest in one of your own so you don’t have to scrub paint out of your child’s favorite overalls.

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Household chores make kids happier

Get your kids involved in household duties at an early age.

Research suggests that kids who are involved in household chores from an early age tend to be happier and more successful.

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Getting crayons off of walls

If you have a child that decides to use crayons on your nicely painted walls use hairspray and then hot soapy water to take it off
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Skin allergies

A dirty bed sheet could be the main cause behind skin allergies or infections.So it is necessary that the bed sheets be cleaned on a regular basis.

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Combatting allergies

Child with allergies? Clean carpets weekly with a HEPA-filter vacuum and keep your child out of the room for at least half an hour afterward — since it can kick up dust and gunk that will exacerbate symptoms.

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Cleaning toy boxes regularly

Cleaning toy boxes or containers on a monthly basis is advisable. It will get rid of all the scrap pieces like paper, broken crayons and other such pieces that are usually found in the bottom.

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Teaching to tidy up

An important part of teaching a child how to tidy up is to have a tidy set up in the first place. Have containers and bins that are designated for certain toys.

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Cleaning with (not after) your toddler

Give your toddler a damp cloth and invite your toddler to dust or clean with you.

Be sure to wet the cloth rather than give a dry one. We have found that this works wonders. A dry one just gets thrown on the floor but when your toddler sees you wet a cloth especially for him, he will take notice, stop crying and get cleaning!

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Pack the pocket wipes

Bring pocket wipes. Carry individually packaged antibacterial wipes in your pocket. I clean Little Miss’ hands before she eats, and when we return to the car.

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