Teeth brushing tip

Ask your toddler to sing a song as they brush or set a musical timer for two minutes so that children will get in the habit of brushing for the recommended length of time.

From: planningfamily.com.

Milk and tooth decay

Avoid giving bottle with milk or fruit juice to the baby lying in bed. This can develop nursing bottle mouth that may result in tooth decay.

From: Fat Free Kitchen

Tooth tip

When brushing a toddler’s teeth, brush his tongue as well (if he’ll let you) to dislodge the bacteria that can cause bad breath.
From: BabyCenter.com

Night Nursing

By 12 months, many pediatricians recommend no more night nursings, because you risk cavities.
From: YourParentingsSolutions.com

Tooth Decay in younger kids

Introduce juice in cup rather than bottle, so child won’t want to go to sleep drinking this from bottle.  It could cause tooth decay.
From: WCCIP.org