Vocabulary milestones

At his 1st birthday, your child will likely use 1-5 words meaningfully. By 14 mos, that working vocabulary may grow to 7 real words, though he may have 20 words.

Growth and diet in child’s second year

Growth slows down in a child’s second year. This means toddlers often have smaller appetites and need less food.

Toddlers and balance

Toddlers learn by playing and they learn a lot between ages 1 and 3. At 1, a child may be working on a wobbly walk and just starting to use words. But by 3, most can balance briefly on one foot and speak in short sentences.

19-24 milestones

At 19-24 months, toddlers can use a spoon, dress themselves with help and use partially understandable speech. They may begin to understand abstract concepts such as “sooner” and “later”.

The history of height/weight tables

Height / weight tables for newborns to 2 year olds used by doctors were developed from a single community of Ohio Caucasian, bottle fed babies between 1929 and 1975 who came from families of similar socioeconomic backgrounds.

Baby development

Babies do not develop at the same rate. There is a wide range of what is considered “normal”. Your baby may be ahead in some areas and slightly behind in others.

Tracking milestones

Moms commonly lament that little children grow up so fast. It is impossible to truly appreciate each milestone as it happens. This is why baby books tracking a baby as he or she grows are so popular.

Leaps in vocabulary

Kids make big leaps in vocabulary during in toddlerhood, and learn about letters, shapes, colors, weather, animals, seasons – all of which can be reinforced through books.

Let children learn from their mistakes

Allow your child to experience the bumps and bruises of learning to walk and relate to others. Let tot overcome obstacles and setbacks

Speech milestones

Most toddler who aren’t talking ‘well’ aren’t really delayed. They may not be talking as much as their parents want or expect them too, but that can still be normal.

Pretend play and milestones

It may not seem like a milestone, but if your toddler snaps your photo with a wooden block (like a camera) or bundles her bear into a blanket, she’s made an important development leap.


Cruising is when your kid walks while holding on to a piece of furniture like the coffee table. Most kids cruise by age 12.7 months. source

Putting tots to work

At 27 months your child can now learn to brush her teeth, dress and undress, wash her hands, and even do simple household chores source

Talking milestone

For many toddlers, at 18 months is when language development takes off like a rocket. source

Language Milestone

When your baby points a chubby finger to show you something, she’s reached a language milestone without uttering a word. source

Clapping skills

The ability to bring his 2 hands together means that your 1 year-old is developing eye-hand coordination & fine-motor skills source

Word count

At age 2, most children know 20 to 200 words; by age 3, that number soars to about 1,000. source

Toddler dressing milestone

By around 20 months, most toddlers have learned to undress themselves. This is a key accomplishment. Source

Baby Vision

At birth, baby’s eyes are 75% of adult size but vision is a blurry 20/2400, he can only clearly discern objects 1ft away Source

becoming independence

Your child’s sense of independence blossoms sometime after her first birthday Source