sippy cups and teeth

Sippy cups filled with milk, juice or juice drinks, allow sugar to stay in the mouth longer and increase the risk of tooth decay. source

take turns

If you’re worried that toddler’s teeth aren’t getting properly cleaned let him do the morning brushing while you handle the evening source

When teeth come in

Toddlers usually have their full set of 20 baby teeth by the time they’re three source

choking danger

Once your child’s first four teeth come in, he can bite small, chokable pieces off of anything source

Baby oral care

Health habits from birth last a lifetime. Even before teeth erupt, baby’s gums should be wiped w/ moistened washcloth Source

Sleeping with a bottle

Only let your child go to sleep with a bottle filled with water. Formula, milk or juice can cause baby bottle tooth decay. Source

Dental Appiontments

Schedule dental appointments early in the day, but avoid naptime. Source

First dentist visit

At the first visit the dentist will show you the right way to care for your child’s teeth by showing you brushing techniques. more info