When kids interests in books begins

Between 4-6 most baby may begin to show more interest in books. He will grab & hold books, but will mouth, chew, and drop them as well.

Book Suggestion: The Night Before Halloween

Little monsters and goofy goblins take center stage in this silly, spooky spin on Clement C. Moore’s beloved poem.

But what will happen on Halloween when the monsters come face to face with human trick-or-treaters in this fun-filled book The Night Before Halloween

Books can be part of “special time”

Children who love books learn to read. Books can be part of special time with your child.

Read a Valentine’s Story

Lots of libraries will be doing Valentine’s day specials for kids today, and if not, you can always find a cute Valentine’s kid book at your local book store.

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As questions when reading

After reading a book, take time to ask your child question about what he liked or didn’t like about the story.

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Choosing books

Give your child a chance to choose his own books. If your toddler chooses a book that is too long to hold his attention, read some and skip some, discussing the pictures and how they relate to the story.

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Choosing children’s books

Choose children’s books with large print words and extremely clear pictures. This will help your child to understand what they are seeing and to learn to read words.

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Choose engaging books

Books featuring animals or machines invite movement and making sounds. Books with flaps or different textures to touch keep hands busy.

Books with detailed illustrations or recurring items hidden in the pictures are great for exploring and discussing.

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