Sooting a biter

Tips to consider if your child is a biter include providing teething rings, teething biscuits or cold washcloths for children who are teething and do not, under any circumstances, bite your child back.

Biting Issues

Toddlers bite for a variety of reasons, including teething, inability to communicate and the desire for attention & typically stops by age 3

Biting hurts

When dealing with a biting incident, toddlers need to know that their behavior impacts others and biting hurts.

Focus your concern on the victim in the presence of your child. "I’m so sorry! That must hurt.

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Quick reaction when tots bite

If your child is biting intervene the second he bites. Name the behavior so he learns the term: "That’s biting" quickly remove him from the situation.

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Biting is bad

Biting is among the most bothersome and embarrassing kid behaviors. Take comfort in knowing this child behavior problem is usually temporary, and much more typical than you may think.

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