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Lil' Fingers, is a storybook site for toddlers with educational games, storybooks and printable coloring pages. Our FREE toddler stories, activities & holiday sections are designed with bright colors & big buttons for little fingers.

Activity Calendar

Special Days Coloring Pages Enjoy Cotton Candy Day (July 31) & 40+ other special day coloring pages.

Special Days Coloring Pages Celebrate Marshmallow Toasting Day (Aug 30) with special day coloring pages.

Back to School Tune up for September with fun games and activities in our Back to School section.

Special Days Coloring Pages Enjoy Peanut Day (September 13) & 40+ other special day coloring pages.

Toddler Tip of the Day

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One to Ten Storybook Count along with our new storybook One To Ten.

Penguin Party Storybook Penguins hop and jump around as you attend the Penguin Party - an original story.

Flags Coloring Pages Print out and color all of our Presidents coloring pages.

Number Circus storybook Learn your numbers 1, 2, 3 and join our circus with The Number Circus storybook.

Flags Coloring Pages Color your favorite flag the right color with our crayon coloring guides.

Find the Duckie Can you find my duckie. Try our summer Hide & Seek game.

Tell A Friend Tell a Friend about Lil' Fingers and you could win a balsa wood flyer! Could you be our latest winner?

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