David Lumerman is the proud father of two boys Sam (age 15) and Henry (13 years).

A user experience professional, designer and developer for over 20 years. David is currently in charge of usability for New York Life.

Usability is study of making interaction between computers (and other things) and people quicker and easier to do with less mistakes. Designing lil' fingers with big buttons and easy to click on links is at the heart of usability.

Having worked in many facets of the design industry he has created games for such known TV properties as To Tell the Truth and Family Feud.

His work has been seen on such sites as Yahoo, Lycos, About, AdvisorSites, Entertainment Weekly, CNN, Popular Science, and USA Today. He also has appeared in publications like TV Guide and Dow Jones Investment Advisor.

Feel free to contact David with any questions or kudos. You can also view some of the many awards Lil' Fingers has won.

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